“The first time I visited Delphica, she was stooped upon her tripod, inhaling fumes from the subterranean earth, fumes that, along with a psychotropic brew, served as entheogen to bring her in touch with the supernatural world and give her powers of divination very few can attain. Her red eyes were dancing with firelight as she pondered a vision she had just intercepted from the void. This was no ordinary, singular prophesy at the temple of Apollo to influence a general’s war, pronounce a king’s kingdom or predict a pauper’s turning fortune. The matter was more universally urgent, I learned later: something to do with saving the world – or more to the point, humanity, from itself.”


In 1969, Tree Man, a draft-dodging, guitar-playing, tree-chopping, rebel fringe-monkey dreams of rock n roll glory and marital bliss with his high-school sweetheart, but a letter from the draft board puts his dreams on hold. To serve his conscience, he must flee the country to avoid serving in a war he opposes or serving time in prison. On his way to Canada via Woodstock, Tree Man runs into Crazy Chick, a precocious teenager, wise beyond her years. Together they are conscripted by fate to serve as ambassadors of peace, launched unwittingly on a mission to save humanity from itself and its endless wars…a cosmic plan orchestrated by the timeless Pythia perched on her tripod around 411 B.C.E. breathing pneuma fumes, conjuring prophecies in the Temple of Apollo in Delphi…a plan to dismantle the top-heavy patriarchal paradigm threatening the species with extinction, by restoring the balance of masculine and feminine principles and ensuring our future with the insertion of the Venus and the Penis, the missing pieces, into the Earth Puzzle, flying through wormholes to their past and future lives: the birthplace of democracy and a Utopian colony on the moon.