In his youth, the author had the good fortune to travel and live around the world with his family. When he was 11 years old, attending Bombay International School in 1965, he wrote and performed a short play about a professor who built a time machine and took his students back in time to ancient Greece. Then he had the opportunity, thanks to his big sister, the archaeologist, to actually visit the very places that he would write about in this book: Athens, and Delphi, Greece. The effect of these worldly adventures was to affect him with a world view of having seen too much to ever make assumptions about what he thinks he knows, much like Socrates, and a habit of always looking at the big picture. This book is his way of presenting that big picture to the world, a view of civilization through the lens of a wannabe fringe monkey living outside the mainstream, off the grid as much as possible, yet trapped as a working-class hero. His dual characters are modeled on the counter-culture warrior that he became, and his fantasy fictional story is a reflection of the life he has lived and the world he has seen, finally fleshing out that tiny play he wrote 55 years ago.


From Lafayette College Special Collections
The James R. Vitelli Resistance Papers

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